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❤️ Before you visit Paris

we start with ze frog

irreverent, courageous, fun... ze frog knows Paris. And ze frog is here to 'elp ze 'rosbif' enjoy our city of lights. Check out our fun and useful guide books; available as downloads or in printed form. Fun Facts, Things to do, and Language Flash Cards. All delightfully illustrated, yet practical and informative
... take a leap and follow ze frog!.

introducing ze rosbif

ze rosbif, we got your back

our guides are fun and full of useful and alternative tourist tips, all delightfully illustrated, a fun and effortless way to get to learn a little of the language, the culture and of course we suggest our favourite sights. Our light hearted rivalry, calling you "ze rosbif", and you referring to us as "ze frog"... but we really like you...

ze kiwi guide

the great equaliser, ze kiwi

chilled, erudite and with a dry quiet humour... our third adventure guide is ‘ze Kiwi’, a flightless bird hailing from the other end of the earth whose neutral observations and illuminations offer a respite from our rivalling rosbif and frog...

let's boogie, a tad (pole)...

we begin as many visitors do, in Paris... we all love Paris, moi non plus... if those last three words don't mean anything to you, a delightful surprise awaits you on listening to Serge Gainsbourg, don't have spotify, try the french equivalent which is called 'Deezer' but I digress... 'revenons à nos moutons', 'let's come back to our sheep' a delightful french expression meaning 'let's get back on track, back to the subject at hand...'

froggie flash cards

flash cards as posters, pin it up and practise your french each time you 'coup d'oeil' glance...

regular posts to instagram

@followzefrog on Instagram, regular postings, 'comme d'habitude' - as a rule, as usual...

tourist tips

we do monuments...) take a leap into an alternative Paris, learn new stuff about the regular tourist spots, tips on how to make it fresh

historical fun facts

ze frog and ze rosbif band together to bring you fun historical facts, comparisons between France and ol' blighty... ze kiwi moderates!​

❤️ France, plan to visit? frogin' awesome...

Why Follow ze Frog?

… leap across the channel from good ol’ blighty, arrive by plane, train or automobile and you may just feel like you are on a different planet… the language, the food, the restaurant hours, the work codes, the traditions, the bureaucracy, oh my frog (omf)… for many, this culture shock can be… well a shock!
Never fear, we are here to ease your pain…

Our Illustrated Paris Travel Kits

    Fun French Fact Kit
    Sight-seeing tips and backstories Kit
  • Illustrated Flash Cards
    French vocabulary, Beginner to Intermediate level
  • Follow ze Frog adventures recounted daily on Instagram. Up to the minute fun facts on our Twitter page and more indepth adventures on our Facebook page.

Delightfully illustrated TRAVEL KITS
• French Culture • Sight-Seeing • Handy Phrases… an amusing and effortless way to learn a little of the french language, french culture and of course, where one might spend a little… temps libre = free time!

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ziz is ze question... for answers, updates, general information, please subscribe, privacy assured, you can trust the frog.

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for updates, general information, privacy assured, you can trust the frog.